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Ja Rule

Ja Rule Looking To Sell “Very Lucrative” Music Catalog Under One Condition

"I think a lot of these companies are realizing the money that's out there."

Billy McFarland Ready To Throw Hands With Ja Rule To Pay Back Bahamian Fyre Fest Staff

An unnamed sponsor is willing to pay $350,000 to watch McFarland and the Queens rapper square up.

Flowers: 12 Artists Honoring Their Idols

Cheers to celebrating people while they're still here to enjoy it.

Ja Rule’s Take On Nicki Minaj, Women In Hip-Hop Leaves Fans Confused

"Before [Nicki], the last one was like, Lauryn Hill."

Ja Rule Says Count Him Out Of Fyre Festival II: “I Ain’t In It!”

"Fyre Festival II is finally happening, tell me why you should be invited," Billy MacFarland announced.

Con Artist Billy McFarland Says “Fyre Festival II Is Finally Happening”

McFarland served four years in prison after defrauding investors and scamming ticket buyers during Fyre Festival I.

Ja Rule Claps Back At 50 Cent And Minnesota Timberwolves Over “Curse” Comments

50 Cent recently promised to lift the "curse" handed down by Rule in 2019.

50 Cent Says Ja Rule’s Halftime Performance “Cursed” The Minnesota Timberwolves

Fif also closed a deal making Sire Spirits the official champagne and cognac of the NBA.

Ja Rule Refutes Melle Mel’s Claim That He Copied 50 Cent: “I Was His Blueprint”

"Me copying 50 is like the funniest sh*t ever because 50 copied me. I was his blueprint."