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Revenge of the Dreamers III: The Top Seven Artists Who Stood Out

They added to the replay value of the album. 

J. Cole And Dreamville’s ‘Revenge Of The Dreamers III’ Has Arrived

"There will be someone you never heard of on this album. Look them up and support them if they resonate with you."

J.I.D Shares 2013 Mixtape ‘Para Tu’ Mixtape

J.I.D’s gift for poetry and slick punchlines has been with him since he was still an undiscovered artist in Atlanta It’s no secret that his 2017 deal with Dreamville…

Dreamville’s J.I.D Has No Problem “Going At J. Cole’s Neck” In The Name Of Rap

“I got the name from my grandma because when I was a baby she used to call me jittery,” explains the Atlanta rapper about his unique rap moniker. “I used to move around…

Dreamville’s J.I.D Rips OutKast’s “Elevators (Me & You)” Beat

J.I.D fulfilled a personal milestone this week after inking a record deal with J.Cole’s Dreamville Records. Before the ink dried on the Atlanta native’s contract, the…