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Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell Confirm ‘Good Burger 2’ Is In The Works

"Now we're cooking," teased Mitchell on Instagram.

Nickelodeon Announces ‘Good Burger’ Pop-Up Restaurant

'Good Burger' fans should head to the East Coast in July to officially place their order on the popular menu.

Kenan Thompson Says Kel Mitchell Will Appear In Revamped ‘All That’ Series

Pretty much everyone who was a fan of 90s Nickelodeon staple All That was thrilled to hear Kenan Thompson’s role of executive producer in the revamped series. Now more…

Awww Here It Goes: Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell Would Do A ‘Good Burger’ Sequel

Millennials rejoice! It looks like 90s television staples Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell would be down to do a sequel to their cult-classic film, Good Burger. During a…

‘All That’ Might Make An Epic Comeback On Nickelodeon

Before Kenan Thompson became an Emmy-Award winning SNL actor and Nick Cannon shaped young comics on Wild N’ Out, they got their start on Nickelodeon‘s All That. With one…

Kenan And Kel To Reunite On ‘Double Dare’ Reboot

Fans of the ’90s Nickelodeon staple Kenan & Kel are in for a treat. The dynamic duo of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell is set to reunite on the reboot of the popular…

Kel Mitchell And Asia Lee Utilize 90s Nostalgia To Announce Pregnancy

Expecting parents continue to get creative with the ways they announce their pregnancy, and next on that list are Kel Mitchell and his wife Asia Lee. The beaming couple…