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legalizing marijuana

Jay-Z Fights To Free Fan Serving 20 Years For Marijuana

Valon Vailes sought out Hov's assistance via an open letter to the Roc Nation boss.

President Barack Obama Addresses Marijuana Legalization

In President Obama’s first public statement on marijuana legalization, he says the administration has “bigger fish to fry.” In an interview with Barbra Walter for ABC New…

Medical Marijuana: Cannabis Oil Helps 7-Year-Old Fight Cancer

The debate on legalizing medical marijuana is an ongoing argument that seems to be getting bigger by the day. In this latest medical marijuana story, cannabis oil pills…

Hurricane Sandy Debt Used to Push Medical Marijuana in New York State

With parts of New York still suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, could legalizing medical marijuana be the answer for a surplus in the economy? According to…

Join The Debate: Should Medicinal Marijuana Be Legal For All?

The legalization of marijuana is an age-old debate, with valid arguments on both sides of the fence. Daytime medical talk show The Doctors—along with actress Roseanne