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Uganda Passes Law Making It A Crime To Identify As LGBTQIA

Under the new bill, individuals found guilty could serve up to life in prison in some cases.

Zaya Wade Says Gabrielle Union Taught Her That “Beauty Is In Yourself”

"She tries to teach me that beauty standards are arbitrary and that they don't mean anything."

Kehlani Reveals How Therapy Helped Her Embrace Being Lesbian

"I don't have any relationships with men anymore."

Dave Chappelle Talks Being ‘Upset’ After Gig Was Canceled Due To Transgender Jokes

"What I take issue with is the idea that because they don't like it, I'm not allowed to say it."

Miss Argentina And Miss Puerto Rico 2020 Reveal They Have Tied The Knot

The pageant queens shared the news on social media.

Ari Lennox Stands Behind LGBTQ Community: “If You Don’t Support LGBTQ, You Don’t Support Me”

"If you don't support [the] LGBTQ community you don't support me, you don't support my family, and the people I love."

Irv Gotti On Lil Nas X’s Sexuality: “We’ll Accept You For Whoever You Are”

"If it was like 20, 30 years ago, it would be a shocker..."

Laverne Cox Speaks On The Murders Of Black Trans Women

“Your attraction to me as a trans woman is not a reason to kill me.”