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Lil Nas X

Uncle Murda Says Lil Nas X Will “Catch AIDS And Die” On “Rap Up 2021”

VIBE compiled a list of the most disrespectful lyrics on "Rap Up 2021" that could potentially land the Brooklynite in hot water.

The 21 Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2021: Staff Picks

Ranked by Senior Music Editor Austin Williams.

Lil Nas X Honored With Variety Hitmakers’ Innovator Award: “I Had A Lot Of Fun Pissing People Off”

"Maybe once in a generation, an artist comes along and literally changes the world for the better," said Chlöe as she presented the award.

Drake Named Spotify’s Most-Streamed Artist In The United States For 2021

Although he stacked up in fourth place globally, in the United States, the Six God takes the top spot.

What To Know About The 2022 Grammy Nominations

Doja Cat and H.E.R. are the most nominated women and Jay-Z breaks a record set by Quincy Jones.

Here’s What You Missed When Lil Nas X Appeared On ‘Maury’

From the proposal to the "shocking DNA results," this hilarious fictional episode confirms Lil Nas X's status as the ultimate troll.

Lil Nas X Shares Extended Teaser Ahead Of ‘Maury Show’ Appearance

The Montero/Yai throuple continues tomorrow (Nov. 17) on 'Maury.'

Here’s Why Lil Nas X Is Making An Actual Appearance On ‘Maury’

The reason is very on-brand for the singer and the dramatic episode will feature an appearance from Lil Nas X's real-life ex-boyfriend.

Best Of Halloween 2021: See VIBE’s Favorite Celebrity Costumes

From Ciara transforming into TLC and Janelle Monáe being both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Halloween 2021 will be hard to top.