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Lisa Wu-Hartwell

Celebrity Couples That Broke Up After Having Reality TV Shows

The reality show curse hits again, this time taking a stab at America’s most famous family, the Kardashians. While most of us have been focused on Khloe Kardashian and  …

Talking Points: Lisa Wu-Hartwell On New Book, Fake Reality TV & Domestic Violence

On Leaving Real Housewives Of Atlanta: There comes a time in your life where times change, seasons change and it’s time for something…

Talking Points With Lisa Wu-Hartwell (Pg. 4)

On Her Burgeoning Movie Career: I’m in a movie that Tyrese is in where I play a martial artist. It’s called 6713 and Bill Duke is direct

Talking Points With Lisa Wu-Hartwell (Pg. 3)

On Escaping Domestic Violence: I got out because I started loving myself more than loving him. At the end of the day that’s where it sta

Talking Points With Lisa Wu-Hartwell (Pg. 2)

On Becoming An Author: I have a book now coming out November 1. You can go on and get it. It’s called When the Cake is Made