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Marquise Jackson

Marquise Jackson Knocks 50 Cent’s Claim That He Just Wants Attention

"I have no phone number for you & You've had me blocked on social media for years."

50 Cent Reveals True Reason Behind His Son’s Money Outbursts

"You don't call TMZ to say you want to sit down. Think about it. He just wants some attention."

The Game Trolls 50 Cent’s Estranged Relationship With Son Marquise

The West Coast rapper channeled Suge Knight in his most recent post subbing Fif.

Marquise Jackson Speaks On Extending An “Olive Branch” To Dad 50 Cent

50's eldest son says he's more interested in a relationship with his father than a financial come-up.

50 Cent Dismisses Son Marquise’s Child Support Remarks: “You’re 25 years old!”

Marquise complained of only receiving $6700/month in child support before turning 18.

50 Cent Seemingly Responds To Marquise’s $6700 Offer For Quality Time

Fif also used the moment to promote the upcoming season of his Starz series, 'BMF.'

50 Cent’s Son Offers To Pay $6700 For A Day With His Dad

The offer follows Marquise's controversial comments about his received child support.

50 Cent’s Oldest Son Calls His $6700/Month In Child Support Inadequate

"$81,000 [a year] is not a substantial amount of money," Marquise said.

50 Cent Apologizes For His “Child Support Celebration” Social Media Post

While many people know 50 Cent to be the patron saint of all things petty, the Power executive producer and star seemed to outdo himself when he posted a Friday The 13th…