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Matthew Knowles

Beyoncé And Solange Practiced Failure While Growing Up, Thanks To Mathew Knowles

One lesson included what to do if a heel broke while performing.

Beyoncé’s Father Mathew Knowles Shares Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Only one in a thousand men will ever be diagnosed with breast cancer, making it very rare.

Mathew Knowles Talks Colorism’s Role In Beyoncé’s Music Career

"In the music industry, there’s still segregation."

Matthew Knowles Shares Emotional Video For Beyonce’s Birthday

Beyonce has been feeling the love from fans and her famous friends for her 36th birthday. The singer also received a special birthday video from her father Mathew…

Old School Back: Blushhh Music Remakes A Lil Kim Classic

Matthew Knowles, father of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, is looking to revive the girl group scene in music Blushhh Music Knowles’ new group, just dropped their new…

Mathew Knowles Is Serious About This Destiny’s Child Biopic

If Lifetime’s rendition of Aaliyah ruined your chances of ever seeing another biopic, will a Destiny’s Child biopic change your mind? Mathew Knowles was just selling…

Destiny’s Child Garage Sale Earns Matthew Knowles Extra Cash

Mathew Knowles held a good old fashioned garage sale over the weekend in Houston, Texas, except his merchandise wasn’t the usual old lamps and figurines. Instead, Papa…

Tina Knowles Reveals Battle With Low Self-Esteem After Divorce

Here’s a lesson in where Beyonce gets it from. Tina Knowles served as the keynote speaker for the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation’s eighth annual Women & Money…

Matthew Knowles Alleges Elevator Fight Was Staged To Boost ‘On The Run’ Ticket Sales

Not cool, dad. Not. Cool. According to Idolator Beyonce’s dad and former Destiny’s Child manager Matthew Knowles alleges the elevator fight that took place at the Met…