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‘Maury’ To End After 30-Year Run

The 83-year-old host is finally ready for retirement, which means no more new episodes of the popular talk show.

Here’s What You Missed When Lil Nas X Appeared On ‘Maury’

From the proposal to the "shocking DNA results," this hilarious fictional episode confirms Lil Nas X's status as the ultimate troll.

Drake Gets Invite From Maury To Take Paternity Test

Although Pusha T called for the official end of his “Surgical Summer” and his feud with Drake, it appears that Maury Povich has an interest in settling things his…

The Best Thing About “Former” White Woman’s ‘Maury’ Sit-Down Is The Black Audience’s Reaction

A few months ago at the top of the summer, Martina Big popped up on our radar for some pretty  cringeworthy reasons. Big, a German white woman who now identifies as…

Oh, Baby! 5 Reasons Justin Bieber Should Take a Paternity Test on the ‘Maury’ Show

Reason 1: No girl will ever falsely accuse you of getting her pregnant again. Can you imagine how many girls are lining up right now to be Justin Bieber’s baby mama? Thou…