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McDonald’s Franchisees Say Cardi B And Offset Meal Broke ‘Golden Arch Code’

Several reportedly removed merchandise and advertising related to the promotion.

Cardi B And Offset Release Limited-Time Merchandise For McDonald’s Meal

The collection features t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, and hats.

Cardi B And Offset Visit Times Square McDonald’s For Couples Meal Launch

The pair was greeted by restaurant staff and a mob of excited fans.

Pusha T Disses The McRib In New Arby’s Promo

The diss arrives on the heels of a new collaborative merchandising deal.

Pusha T’s “Spicy Fish” McDonald’s Diss Earns Arby’s $8 Million In Marketing Exposure

"How dare you sell a square fish asking us to trust it / A half slice of cheese, Mickey D's on a budget?"

McDonald’s Settles A Racial Discrimination Lawsuit With Black Franchisee For $33.5 Million

"When I stood up for myself and other Black franchisees, McDonald's began dismantling my life's work, forcing me to sell one store after another to white operators,"…

Kuk Harrell Tracks His Career Journey From The Golden Arches To The Grammys

Thirty-five years ago, Kuk Harrell designed his foray into the music industry while taking orders at a Chicago-based McDonald’s. The Grammy-winning vocal producer once…

Twitter Couldn’t Believe Trump Fed The Clemson Tigers Fast Food

The Internet was beside itself Monday night (Jan. 14) when it was reported Donald Trump invited the Clemson University football team to the White House to celebrate…