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Mike Tyson

Freddie Gibbs Challenges Dr. Umar Johnson To $5 Million Boxing Match

Meanwhile, Umar wants to go toe-to-toe with Mike Tyson but with a stipulation.

Jamie Foxx Confirms Playing Mike Tyson In Biopic

The Oscar winner has been bulking up for the role. 

Robin Givens Recalls Mike Tyson Abuse In The Wake Of #MeToo

Way before the #MeToo movement gained momentum in Hollywood, actress Robin Givens made serious allegations against her then-husband, Mike Tyson. She accused the former…

Mike Tyson Plots Weed Business Takeover With Upcoming Cannabis Ranch

It looks like more and more influencers are trying to get into the weed business. The latest aspiring weed entrepreneur happens to be Mike Tyson, who is reportedly…

Mike Tyson Reportedly Speaks On Jamie Foxx’s Portrayal In Biopic

Since 2015, talks of Jamie Foxx’s alignment with Mike Tyson’s reported biopic have steadily gained steam. From a number of in-person interviews, Foxx talked at length…

Mike Tyson: Conor McGregor Is “Going To Get Killed” By Floyd Mayweather

According to legendary boxer Mike Tyson, Conor McGregor is “going to get killed” during his highly-anticipated fight against Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26. During his…

Mike Tyson Thinks Conor McGregor Made A Big Mistake

On August 26, the year’s most talked about one-on-one match will go down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The ink has already been dried to solidify Floyd Mayweather