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Milwaukee County Declares Racism A Public Health Crisis

"We need to address racism as a public health crisis but on a large scale to make sure that we transform our culture."

Milwaukee Teen Beaten, Stabbed And Set On Fire Over Stolen Video Game Console

A Milwukee teen’s life was cut short over a video game system. The burned body of 15-year-old Dennis King was discovered by police Sunday (May 20) in an abandoned house…

The Bus Was Out Of Service, But This Driver Opened Her Doors To A Wandering Child

While on a short break in the middle of a Jan. 29 night, a Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver decided to pick up just one more passenger before she took a…

A Bus Driver Helps Teen Girl Escape Potential Kidnapper

Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus driver Sharon Chambers engaged in a heroic act during her commute on Monday (June 13). Chambers spotted a 15-year-old girl…