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Mo’Nique Can Move Forward With Netflix Lawsuit, Judge Rules

The streaming company lost its latest attempt at having the racial discrimination suit tossed.

Mo’Nique Questions Oprah’s Stance Between Harvey Weinstein And Russell Simmons In Open Letter

"Please consider standing by the people who are right and not just the ‘right people."'

Terry Crews, ‘America’s Got Talent’ And The Conditional Solidarity Of Celebrity

Supporting each other when “that’s not my experience” means not undermining the fight against powers-that-be.

Mo’Nique Files Lawsuit Against Netflix For Pay Discrimination

This comes one year after the comedienne's call to boycott the streaming platform.

Mo’Nique Speaks On Public’s Response To Steve Harvey’s Show Cancellations

During a live stream of her show with husband Sidney Hicks, Mo'Nique addressed Harvey's recent television losses.

Mo’Nique Shines In Donald Glover’s Short Films For His Adidas Collection

No matter where she is, Mo’Nique will always shine. The comedian was a pleasant surprise in Donald Glover’s series of short films released Thursday (April 18) in tandem…

Steve Harvey Says He “Misspoke” During Mo’Nique Interview

Earlier this month, Steve Harvey and Mo’Nique sparked a debate on social media following their interview on the former’s daytime talk show. On the subject of money…

Steve Harvey And Mo’Nique Passionately Discuss Integrity Versus Money

On Wednesday (Feb. 13), Mo’Nique and Steve Harvey engaged in a debate on the latter’s daytime talk show that aimed to address how black entertainers maneuver in…

Mo’Nique Is On Roseanne Barr’s Side: “Has She Ever Said, ‘Kill Black People?'”

Mo’Nique continues to court controversy by defending former sitcom star Roseanne Barr, who she considers her “sister in comedy.” The 51-year-old comedian turned…