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Morehouse Cancels Basketball Event With Kanye West’s Donda Academy

The tournament was scheduled to take place on Nov. 6.

Morehouse Grads Gifted Diamond Cufflinks In Addition To Student Loan Payoff

The blessings keep on rolling in for Morehouse College's 2019 graduates.

Westboro Baptist Church To Protest Spelman, Morehouse And Clark-Atlanta University Graduations

Westboro Baptist Church has released an email stating it will protest the graduations of Spelman and Morehouse College as well as Clark-Atlanta University.

Signs Accusing Certain Students Of Rape Appear On Spelman And Morehouse Campuses

While Spelman and Morehouse college are known as two of the most premiere Historically Black School’s and Universities, both educational institutions have also been…

VIBE At 20: Aliya S. King Talks Writing ‘Mean Girls Of Morehouse’ Exposé

VIBE’s “Mean Girls Of Morehouse” exposé is not only the most controversial story of Aliya S. King’s storied career, but also one of the most instantly explosive pieces…

Watch: Barack Obama Inspires Morehouse Grads With Commencement Speech (Video)

Although the conditions were less than ideal, President Barack Obama assured the 129th graduating class of Morehouse college that they had a bright future ahead. Obama…

Morehouse College Launches LGBT College Course

The prestigious Morehouse College has been confronted about homosexuality on the campus many times throughout their institution’s history, one notable instance by our…

Morehouse Professors Send Open Letter To VIBE

An Open Letter To VIBE By David Wall Rice and Sinead Younge October 18, 2010 Vibe magazine’s recently published article dealing with several young men at Morehouse

Member of Morehouse “Mean Girls” Speaks On Campus Harassment

It is no secret that the Black community has a tendency to embrace homophobic precepts. We teach our little boys to be tough, not to cry and that any sign of weakness or…