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Nancy Grace

2 Chainz Is Game For Another Televised Marijuana Debate

When it comes to the big debate over the legalization of Mary Jane, 2 Chainz is up for two rounds. Earlier this week, Tity Boi went head-to-head on HLN with Nancy Grace

2 Chainz Goes Head To Head With Nancy Grace About Marijuana Legalization

2 Chainz went head-to-head with HLN’s Nancy Grace Tuesday evening (Jan.13) to defend why he believes marijuana should be legalized. The fiery, sometimes sensational talk…

2 Chainz And Nancy Grace Will Chop It Up About Weed On TV

You wouldn’t have wanted to be an offender in front of Nancy Grace when she was a prosector; she could cleverly convince the jury that you’re a weed smoking, lowlife who…

10 Scariest People On Reality TV Right Now

Single Ronnie is fun. Relationship Ronnie is terrifying. There’s something about Sammi that just brings out his inner beast. Seriously, he doesn’t just get angry when he…