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New Jersey Nets

Jason Kidd To Be Nets’ Head Coach?

After announcing his retirement, 10-time NBA all-star Jason Kidd may not be dropping the ball just yet. The Brooklyn Nets have been scrambling to supply a head coach…

I’m A Business, Man! Jay-Z’s 10 Smartest Business Decisions

The Decision: Creating Roc-A-Fella Records The Year: 1996 The Bottom Line: What do you do when no one wants to take a chance on your debut album? You create your own…

New Jersey Nets Make NBA History With Worst Losing Streak

The New Jersey Nets set an NBA record Wednesday night (Dec. 2), but not one any player wants to brag about: the longest losing streak in the league’s history. The…

Former NBA Player Jayson Williams Takes Plea Deal in Fatal Shooting, Faces Jail Time

Former NBA center Jayson Williams, has agreed to a plea deal Thursday for a shooting death of a driver at his estate in 2002. According to the Associated Press