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Drake Ponders Nigerian Roots After Seeing His Father’s Ancestry Results

The results also yielded ethnic connections to Scotland, Ivory Coast and Ghana peoples.

Rapper Symba Donates 100 Laptops To Nigerian Students

"You haven't lived until you've seen the world through another man's lens."

Nigeria To Ban Foreign Models From Its TV Ads And Commercials

The country's government wants to focus on developing local talent, beginning in October 2022.

Beyonce Shows Solidarity With Nigeria Amid Protests Over Police Brutality

The superstar's Bey Good Foundation has been working with local organizations in the West African country.

8-Year-Old Nigerian Chess Champion’s Big Win Helps His Family Out Of Homelessness

An 8-year-old Nigerian chess prodigy is helping his family out of homelessness. Tanitoluwa ” Tani” Adewumi, won the New York State Scholastic Chess Championship last…

Trafficking Agency Reveals 20,000 Nigerian Girls And Women Have Been Sold To Prostitution Rings In Mali

Since December 2018, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) gathered information that 20,000 Nigerian girls and women have been taken…

Flooding In Nigeria Leads To 100 Dead, Officials Declares A State Of Emergency

The rainy season in Nigeria has led to massive flooding from the regions two major rivers, resulting in the deaths of 100 people. According to the Nigeria Hydrological Se…

Netflix Acquires It’s First Film From Nigeria ‘Lionheart’

Netflix understands that diversity is where it’s at. Gone are the days of narrow storytelling in which the protagonist and plot have to fit into a certain Hollywood…