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Teenage Girl Attacked By Group Of Teenage Boys In Brooklyn

On Twitter, NYPD Chief Terence Monahan stressed the importance of tips needed to detain the suspects and shared the department's hotline.

New York Cops Receive Probation After Having Sex With An Arrested Handcuffed Teen

If you’re arrested and kidnapped in a van with two large officers with guns, there’s no consent. They’re getting away with rape.”

Daniel Pantaleo Has Been Fired From NYPD

Daniel Pantaleo has been terminated from the NYPD five years after placing Eric Garner in a banned chokehold. 

New York City Cop Leaves Note Before Fatally Shooting Himself

Johnny Rios, 35, had been with the NYPD for seven years. He reportedly shot himself to death inside his Yonkers apartment.

Cop Fired For Hiring Hitman To Kill Her Husband And Boyfriend’s Kid

Valerie Cincinelli, a 12-year veteran, once worked in a Queens domestic violence unit.

A NYPD Cop Falsely Arrested A Black Man Lied On The Paperwork, But Still Has His Job

A New York police officer has faced no punishment for falsely arresting a black man and lying on his police report about what a witness statement. In June 2016, officer…

NYPD Cop Believed To Have Been Killed In 1999 Is Actually Still Alive

It was believed that NYPD cop Vincent Ling died as a result of gunshot wounds back in 1999. However, on Monday (Mar. 19), it was discovered that he’s alive and well…

Ramsey Orta, Man Who Recorded Eric Garner’s Death, Fears For His Life In Prison

Ramsey Orta, the man who recorded Eric Garner being killed by an NYPD officer, fears for his life behind bars. Orta, who is currently serving out a four-year sentence at…

50 Cent “Afraid For My Life” Due To Alleged NYPD Report

Earlier this month, a report surfaced that claimed an NYPD deputy inspector called for harm against 50 Cent. According to the New York Daily News, commanding officer…