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Odessa Gunman Complained Of “Atrocities” He Experienced Prior To Shooting

Seth Aaron Ator, 36, is the gunman who shot and killed seven people and injured 22 in Texas' latest mass shooting.

Texas Loosens Its Gun Laws Hours After The Odessa Shooting

Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law in June, which went into effect 24 hours after the Odessa, Texas shooting which left seven dead and 22 others injured.

Five People Killed And 22 Injured In Odessa,Texas Mass Shooting

Law enforcement has not revealed the name but says a white man in his 30s is responsible for the latest mass shooting

Texas Waiter Admits To Writing Racist Message On Receipt To Self After Not Receiving Tip

A 20-year-old Texas waiter who alleged a customer left a racist note after not leaving a tip admits having written the note himself. Khalil Cavil made headlines last…