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After A Decade, Pepsi Will No Longer Sponsor The NFL’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

"Now on to the next stage...," Pepsi teased in a shocking tweet on Tuesday (May 24).

Dapper Dan Partners With Pepsi On “Made For Football Watching” Capsule Collection

"This capsule collection is equally inspired by the Pepsi brand, football fans, and my one-of-a-kind looks. Fashion and football have never come together like this…

Desus & Mero Bless A Bronx Bodega With A Year’s Worth of Rent

The co-hosts teamed up with Pepsi to do some good in the hood with 'The Bodega Giveback.'

Ella Mai On Chris Brown’s Legacy And How Her Brother Shaped Her Debut Album

At the age of 23, Ella Mai basks in gratitude. Staying grounded through the will of her family and friends, the R&B singer often finds herself taking time to digest the…

Kyrie Irving Combines The Old With The New As ‘Uncle Drew’ In Pepsi Ad

Kyrie Irving is balling on the court and apparently on screen too. As the he gears up for the new film Uncle Drew, Pepsi tapped the Boston Celtics player to embody the…

Whoopi Goldberg Didn’t Find Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad Offensive

The women of The View have shared their thoughts on the now-pulled Pepsi diversity ad, with Whoopi Goldberg finding the good in Kendall Jenner’s intentions for appearing…

A Pepsi Can Made An Awkward Appearance During A City Council Meeting

It looks like Pepsi has become a staple in problematic attempts when combating social injustice. There was Kendall Jenner’s color blind commercial where she tried (but…