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plastic surgery

Sunny Hostin Of ‘The View’ Reveals She Got Breast Reduction And Liposuction

"It was a health decision and a self-care decision," declared the 54-year-old.

Florida Mother Of Two Dead Following BBL Surgery

"They politely grabbed me and said, 'Your daughter is dead,'" her mother told local news.

Doja Cat Confirms Upcoming Breast Augmentation

"I just want my titties pulled up," tweeted the "Kiss Me More" artist.

Cardi B Cancels Concert Due To Alleged Plastic Surgery Complications

Earlier this month, Cardi said she "shouldn't be performing" due to her surgeries.

More Teens Are Getting Plastic Surgery Because Of Social Media, Study Suggests

Social media has been a tool in many aspects of life including how people receive news, inspiration and entertainment. The age gap has also allowed many psychological…

Woman Left Brain Damaged After Cosmetic Surgery Weeks Before Her Wedding

A Georgia woman who was set to be married was left brain damaged after receiving cosmetic surgery a few weeks earlier. Icilma Cornelius, 54, went to the medical spa and c…

Vixen Chat: Plastic Surgery Trends, Precautions, and Tips with Dr. Alessi of the Alessi Institutes and Face Forward Foundation

In this day and age, getting plastic surgery is no longer anything to be ashamed of. Everyone has a few things about themselves they wish they could change, but not…

10 (Crazy?) People Who’ve Had Plastic Surgery To Look Like Celebs

Certain stars have the most die-hard fans the world has ever seen, but is there such a thing as being too much of a fan? The answer is yes. Because some even go under…

WTF?! Guy Spends $130K To Look Like Justin Bieber

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more bizarre when it comes to ultimate, crazed fans, we found discover this yet another extreme case. And of course it deals…