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Presidential Election 2016

#NotMyAbuela: 9 Cringe-Worthy Times Hillary Clinton Pandered To People Of Color

From same-sex marriage to immigration reform to political identity, Hillary Clinton is now infamous for contradicting her stance on some of America’s most pressing…

Ricky Martin Endorses Hillary Clinton, “A Latina At Heart”

Ricky Martin has officially announced his support for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election. Martin made the announcement on Twitter ahead of one of…

Watch A Colombian Woman Stan For A Creepy Donald Trump

Donald Trump found love in a hopeless place, and he’s milking it for all it’s worth. On Thursday (Oct. 8), the presidential hopeful held a campaign event in Nevada

Here’s Why Lil B Will Pick Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton For U.S. President

After heavily being on the Hillary Clinton bandwagon for quite sometime, (see: “B***h Im Bill Clint0n”) Lil B has had a change of mind in who he thinks should govern…