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Prison Reform

Jay Z’s Team Roc Takes Legal Step To Improve Healthcare For Mississippi Inmates

The lawsuit seeks “basic answers to basic questions about grave injustices perpetrated behind prison walls.”

Yo Gotti, Team Roc File Lawsuit Over Conditions At Mississippi Prison

Parchman Prison is accused of human rights violations. 

Meek Mill Honored With NYU’s Vanguard For Social Justice Award

"I've been beat by the police, I've been locked in penitentiaries, I've been on probation for much of my life..."  

Meek Mill Responds To Bobby Shmurda’s Comments About Criminal Justice Reform

Meek Mill caught wind of Bobby Shmurda‘s comments regarding criminal justice reform, where he seemingly took a jab at the Championships MC. “I tell people all the time I…

Kim Kardashian Continues Her Political Pursuit

Motivated by her recent success in achieving clemency for Alice Marie Johnson, Kim Kardashian has decided to continue with her involvement in political affairs. On…

Donald Trump Thanks Kim Kardashian For Prison Reform Meeting

Kim Kardashian went to Washington D.C. to meet with Donald Trump and Jared Kushner, in order to discuss prison reform. The former reality star posted a picture on his Twi…

Kim Kardashian West Will Meet With The President To Discuss Prison Reform

Kim Kardashian-West will meet with Donald Trump and Jared Kushner today (May 30) to discuss prison reform, primarily pardoning a great-grandmother who’s served 21 years…

Nashville Man Ordered Back To Prison After Court Rules His 35-Year Sentence Was Reduced By Mistake

A Nashville man was released from prison two years ago, only to be ordered to return for another decade due to a stipulation that raises questions about inmate…