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Ghost Fights Betrayal From All Sides In New ‘Power’ Season 6 Trailer

All of Ghost's lies, deceit and corruption may come tumbling down in the final season of the Starz's scripted drama. 

Snoop Dogg Offers To Pay 50 Cent The $300,000 Rotimi Reportedly Owes Him

"I think you gon’ kill him next ‘cause he owe you money."

Rotimi Blends Afrobeats And R&B With New Single “Love Riddim”

Rotimi’s R&B language has changed over the years, from lust-tinged vocals on tracks like “Kitchen Table” to soca chords on “Want More.” After taking some time to examine…

‘Power’ Creator Confirms Angela’s Return For Season Six

If there’s one thing Power fans can expect, it’s the unexpected. In Season Five of the Starz-scripted drama, viewers said goodbye to Kanan Stark. After being stopped by…

Starz Re-Ups ‘Power’ For A Sixth Season

The last time Power fans saw Ghost, Tommy and Kanan the trio reunited to take down Dre, an unsurprising foe, who rose from right under their nose. Viewers were surprised…

Filming For ‘Power’ Season 5 Has Begun

Every summer, fans of the STARZ scripted drama Power cut their turn-up at the day party short just to get home in time to watch the addictive television show. With…

Top 5 Moments Of Mayweather vs. McGregor’s Fight Weekend In Las Vegas

Las Vegas was the ultimate place to experience all the last-minute hype for the once-in-a-lifetime fight between boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor M…