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Fat Joe Responds To Claims Of Appropriating Santería Culture In “Yes” Video

The rapper explained the connection to Santeria and the track's sample of salsa legend Héctor Lavoe.

Princess Nokia Talks Infusing Santería In Her Music

Princess Nokia isn’t one to blur her ties to spirituality. “My religious beliefs are my birthright,” the Afro-Boricua told Fader of her roots in Regla de Ocha, otherwise…

Reclaiming Black Girl Magic Through Ancestral Spiritual Traditions

As more black folks, particularly black women, in the United States are becoming more interested in exploring non-Christian faith systems, the need for more spaces…

Thanks To Santería, Cuba Is Experiencing An Economic Boom

The growing popularity of one of Cuba’s most widely-practiced religions has contributed to the country’s most recent economic boom. According to Fusion, Santería, a…