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Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” Hits 1 Billion Views On YouTube

The debut single went on to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Sean Kingston Says He “Adult Wrestled” With Serena Williams

Sean Kingston revisited a former relationship with an athletic legend that presumably left viewers in a state of confusion. According to BET, the “Fire Burning” artist…

Sean Kingston Heads To Jamaica In His Eye-Catching “Chance” Video

While doing his best to stay out of controversy, Sean Kingston continues his steady stream of music videos from his recently released EP, Made In Jamaica . This week, he

Sean Kingston Claims He Was Tricked By Migos In Alleged Las Vegas Incident

After rumors and constant social media posts, Sean Kingston has painted another story about his run-in with Atlanta rap group Migos. The artist sat down with CBS 8 Las Ve…

VIBETribe Radio: 20 Songs You Need To Hear Before ‘Superbowl LI’

Before the Superbowl LI takes over our lives, VIBE put together a playlist of new tracks that should help your Sunday party get off the ground. Like our previous mixes…

Perfect Timing: Sean Kingston Releases New Song, “Pocket Watching”

Sean Kingston is one of Soulja Boy’s last true friends in the rap game. While rappers like Bow Wow have distanced themselves from SB since his rash of “beefs,” the…

Sean Kingston Takes Shots At The Game On Instagram

If there really are three sides to every story, then we’ll likely never really know the whole truth behind The Game and Meek Mill’s beef. Nonetheless, Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston Was Reportedly Kidnapped In L.A. Over A $225K Watch

According to Sean Kingston, a recent attempt to cop some new jewelry left him in a vulnerable and dangerous position. The 25-year-old singer claims he was kidnapped…

Interview: Sean Kingston Talks New Album, His Competition And Challenges

Now back stronger than ever, Sean Kingston’s bringing it back one riddim at a time. While elevated in a high-rise artist lounge at the EPIC Records office, Sean is in…