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Colin Kaepernick Compares The NFL Draft Process To A Slavery Auction

"Before they put you on the field, teams poke, prod, and examine you searching for any defect that might affect your performance," said Kaepernick of NFL organizations.

What The Year 1619 Means To Me

Tupac Shakur biographer, Kevin Powell, reflects on the historic year and slavery 400 years later.

Kim Kardashian Trying To Justify Kanye West’s Slavery Comments Goes About As Well As You’d Expect

Another day, another instance of trying to insulate problematic, high-profile people from the error of their ways. Today, TMZ posted a clip of an upcoming episode of Keep…

Kanye West Revises ‘Ye’ Song To Reflect Views On Slavery

Before Kanye West began to unleash a list of albums that he executive produced, the Chicago native blew spectators away with his commentary. Many presumed his…

Kobe Bryant Talks About ‘Completely’ Disagreeing With Kanye West’s Slavery Comments

The dust has yet to settle around Kanye West’s recent remarks on slavery, and Kobe Bryant has some thoughts in response. Last month, the rapper faced backlash after…

V Books: 5 Books On Slavery That Kanye West Needs To Read

Unless you’ve had your head buried under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you’ve read the disturbing statements from rapper Kanye West. First, the College Dropout

“Experience The Choices In Chains:” Nigerian Senator Offers Kanye West A Visit To Slave Ports

It’s been an interesting week for Kanye West. The “Blood On The Leaves” rapper made headlines almost every day since his return to Twitter in April for his divisive…

Adidas Refuses To Cut Ties With Kanye West Over Slavery Comments

Following Kanye’s controversial TMZ Live comments, many people have been distancing themselves from the rapper. One brand that has decided to stay in his corner happens…

Jamie Foxx Slams TMZ For Kanye West Interview, Asks Rapper To Call Him

It seems like everyone is trying to put their two cents into the recent conversations involving Kanye West. The controversial rapper came under fire Tuesday (May 1) for…