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Starbucks Under Fire For Banning Workers From Wearing Black Lives Matter Gear

The company sent out an internal memo reinforcing dress code restrictions.

White Former Starbucks Employee Sues Company For Racial Discrimination

The onetime district manager say she suffered "irreparable injury."

Six Officers Were Asked To Leave A Starbucks After A Customer Felt Unsafe

"While the barista was polite, making such a request at all was offensive."

Starbucks’ Health Insurance Now Covers Transgender Employees’ Cosmetic Procedures

Starbucks is now expanding its medical coverage with more surgical and cosmetic procedures for its transgender employees, according to their official website. Since…

Mellody Hobson To Be Named Starbucks Vice Chair Following Howard Schultz Departure

Starbucks has had one crazy year, specifically when it comes to its social practices. The company will replace its longtime chairman Howard Schultz with business boss…

Common To Assist Starbucks With Anti-Racial Bias Training

On May 29, Starbucks will close 8,000 stores within the U.S. to launch a day of anti-racial bias and sensitivity training. To help prepare its employees, the billion…

Starbucks Reveals New Policy Allowing Customers To Sit In Their Cafe’s Without Purchasing Anything

More than a month after two black men were arrested for “sitting in a Starbucks and not ordering anything,” the company revealed a new policy that permits all customer…

Not Again: Starbucks Worker Writes Racial Slur On Hispanic Man’s Cup

Starbucks is in hot water once again after a worker wrote a racial slur on a Hispanic man’s cup. Two weeks before the company is set to close thousands of stores in…

Two Black Men Arrested At Philly Starbucks Reach $1 Settlement And Program For Young Entrepreneurs

Twenty-seven days before Starbucks plans to shut down 8,000 stores for “racial-bias” training (May 29), the coffee conglomerate reached a settlement with two black men…