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Tennessee GOP Representative Sorry After Suggesting “Hanging By Tree” For Executions

"My intention was to express my support of families who often wait decades for justice."

A Tennessee Man Is Suing Popeyes For Running Out Of Chicken

"It's totally deceptive. Who runs out of chicken?"

Tennessee Clerk Faces 60 Years For Killing Black Teen For Stealing A $2 Beer

The prosecution states after Anwar Ghazali shot Dorian Harris, he went back into his convenience store to service more customers.

Cyntoia Brown Will Be A Free Woman Next Week

Cyntoia Brown, who served 15 years of a life sentence, will be released from prison.

Ex-Wife Of Slain NBA Player Pleads Guilty To Plotting 2010 Death

Sherra Wright received a 30-year sentence for masterminding Lorenzen Wright's 2010 murder.

8-Month-Old Dies In House Fire While Parent Partied

"That's my only little girl, I love that little girl more than I love my life."

Neighbor Calls Police On Black Man Reciting JAY-Z Lyrics

A Tennessee man enjoying a beer in his backyard had his moment of relaxation disrupted when he was met with police drawing their guns. The crime committed? Reciting a JAY…

Black Teen Arrested For Wearing A Hoodie Inside A Memphis Mall

A former journalist is accusing a Memphis mall of racial profiling after its security guards arrested a black teen for wearing a hoodie. The mall’s defense? The teen’s…

Reporter Told That Her Hair Was “N***ery Lookin'” After Wearing It Natural

An Afro-Latina reporter was told via voicemail that she had “n***ery-looking” hair after wearing her natural curls during a televised report. Corallys Ortiz, a…