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Texas Superintendent Says 4-Year-Old Boy Either Cuts His Hair Or Wear A Dress

A Texas grandmother accuses her grandson's school of discrimination after telling her she needs to cut his hair or place him in a dress. 

Odessa Gunman Complained Of “Atrocities” He Experienced Prior To Shooting

Seth Aaron Ator, 36, is the gunman who shot and killed seven people and injured 22 in Texas' latest mass shooting.

Texas Loosens Its Gun Laws Hours After The Odessa Shooting

Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law in June, which went into effect 24 hours after the Odessa, Texas shooting which left seven dead and 22 others injured.

Five People Killed And 22 Injured In Odessa,Texas Mass Shooting

Law enforcement has not revealed the name but says a white man in his 30s is responsible for the latest mass shooting

Ohio Politician Blames ‘Drag Queen Advocates’ And Obama For Mass Shootings

Rep. Candice Keller said the breakdown of the traditional American family is partly to blame for the mass shootings

El Paso Congresswoman Said Donald Trump Isn’t Welcomed In The City

"Words have consequences. The president has made my community and my people the enemy."

Amazon Delivery Driver Steals Dog Then Tries To Sell Pup On Craigslist

RJ, a 2-year-old dachshund has been returned to his owners.

A Texas Woman Lived With Her Mother’s Dead Body For Three Years

Delissa Navonne Crayton faces two to 20 years in prison for keeping her 71-year-old mother's corpse inside Texas home.

Woman Who Licked Ice Cream In Viral Video Facing 20 Years

A warrant has been issued for second-degree felony tampering with a consumer product.