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The D.O.C.

The D.O.C Speaks Out On Snoop Dogg’s Acquisition Of Death Row Records

"I'm proud of Snoop and everything he's accomplished and all the things that he's going to do."

Grandmaster Flash Says Dr. Dre’s New Album Will “Change The Game”

In addition to Grandmaster Flash, various rappers, producers, and entertainers have confirmed hearing new material from Dr. Dre.

The D.O.C. Still Has “The Formula” For Success

Now he’s using it to change lives.

Puma Badu Proves The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree With A Sweet Rendition Of “Stay”

When your mother is Erykah Badu and your father is Dallas born rap icon D.O.C, obviously your musical inclination will be higher than most 12-year-olds, which is why…

Premiere: Watch An Exclusive Clip From Nat Geo’s ‘Facing Suge Knight’ Documentary

The National Geographic channel is ready to debut a hip-hop heavy episode of their new series FACING on the infamous Suge Knight, founder of Death Row Records. Told…

Listen To The D.O.C.’s Newly-Regained Voice After His Announcement Of Its Return

The D.O.C. recently unveiled on Twitter that he has regained his voice. The famed Texas-born rapper used to lend out a helping hand to the members of N.W.A by co-writing…

Meet Dr. Dre’s New Rap Protege, Justin Night

It is no secret that Dr. Dre is a stellar judge of talent (see: Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar). Now, D-R-E is co-signing yet another rapper, 23-year-old Justin…