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The Fugees

Fugees Postpone Reunion Tour Until 2022

Following their Global Citizen performance, the tour was set to resume in Chicago on Tuesday (Nov. 2).

Wyclef Jean Drops Priceless Gems On The 20th Anniversary Of The Fugees’ ‘The Score’

In 1996, the music industry remained under the lyrical spell of three artists from the East Coast who sought to change the way we consume music globally. The Fugees

8-Year-Old Drake Reciting “Ready Or Not” Is All Kinds Of Awesome

Before Drake began his domination in hip-hop, he was a kid in Canada rocking out to The Fugees just like everyone else who grew up loving the culture. The good folks…

Watch A 19-Year-Old Lauryn Hill Kill Her “Yo! MTV Raps” Freestyle

If you had the pleasure of growing up in the 90s, then you understand the cultural and lyrical magnitude of The Fugees. Wyclef, Pras and Lauryn Hill collectively…

Changes: King Lil G Leaves A Troubled Past For A Bright Future

King Lil G boasts a tough exterior, complete with multi-hued tattoos that wouldn’t automatically qualify the Chicano rapper as a standup guy. Yet, Lil G’s “Like That&#8221…

6 Game-Changing Groups That Are Overdue For A Biopic

Biopics are becoming a more frequent event than before. From the recent Lifetime Aaliyah flick Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B to VH1’s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story

Throwback Jams: Sounds Of Protest

Celebrate #TBT every week with a themed playlist from VIBE’s speakers to your ears With the Baltimore riots and recent deaths of Eric Garner, Freddie Gray and Trayvon…

Pras Michel From The Fugees Takes Ice Bucket Challenge In North Korea

This particular level of randomness is unprecedented. Founding member of the hip-hop group The Fugees, Pras Michel, decided to join in on the fun and partake in the ALS I…

Former Fugees Members Said Lauryn Hill Cried While Recording ‘Ready Or Not’

She wasn’t ready for what came. Former Fugees member Pras revealed that Lauryn Hill broke down while she was in the studio recording “Ready or Not,” reports <a href=""…