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Tommy Lee Jones

Sony Pictures Announces ‘Men In Black’ Spinoff

In this age of reboots and spinoffs, another late 90s classic will be re-introduced to a new generation. According to Deadline, Men in Black (1997) will be reprised by…

Oren Uziel To Pen ‘Men In Black 4’ Screenplay For Sony

You may wonder why Sony is pushing ahead for a fourth Men In Black movie, but all you have to do is look at the decent box office receipts from the third film. No one…

TRAILER: Daniel Day-Lewis Impresses All As Honest Abe In “Lincoln”

The trailer for Steven Spielberg‘s historically acclaimed biopic has finally arrived. After months of waiting, Lincoln, which stars a bevy of A-listers, has hit the World…

Anthony Mackie To Play “Falcon” In Captain America 2 Movie

The amount of African American superheroes who have graced the silver screen are far and few in-between. You have Meteor Man, you have Blade, you can even qualify Shaft