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VH1’s The Breaks

Movin’ On Up: VH1’s ‘The Breaks’ To Become Full-Fledged Series

After an extremely successful premiere back in January, VH1’s The Breaks has received a full series order, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Viacom, VH1’s parent…

Irv Gotti Voices His Frustrations With Vh1 Hip-Hop Movie ‘The Breaks’

“So now when I’m watching this watered down bulls**t which is pissing me off cause they are not portraying Hip Hop Culture accurately!!” wrote hip-hop legend Irv Gotti

Viva Chat: Mack Wilds Readies A New Album As He Imitates Life In ‘The Breaks’

Outside the hustle and bustle of this year’s Art Basel Miami, actor-turned-singer Mack Wilds delved into the making of his new single “Love in the ’90z,” shedding light…