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Volkswagen’s Atlas Cross Sport Brings Adventure Back To Modern Road Trips

With a curated playlist in mind, VIBE explores the roads of Vancouver, British Columbia with Volkswagen's latest release.

3 Memorable Anniversary Edition Whips

When a product becomes a certified classic, designers toast with a limited edition. VIBE pedals backward and forward on notable anniversary whips 2003 Volkswagen 20th An…

Did You Finally See Volkswagen’s ‘Get Happy’ Super Bowl Ad?

When Volkswagen premiered their “Get Happy” Super Bowl commercial a few days before the big game, a lot of people were taken aback with the use of Jamaican patois by a…

Volkswagen’s New 158 MPG Hybrid Has Punch (No Buggy)

German car maker Volkswagen unveiled the L1 concept car, designed to go 100 kilometers on one liter of fuel, at this week’s Frankfurt Auto Show. According to…