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Kofi Kingston Becomes First African-Born WWE World Heavyweight Champion

At this year’s Wrestlemania, Kofi Kingston became the first African-born WWE World Heavyweight champ. Kingston, who is part of The New Day and was born in Ghana…

WWE Bringing Back Hulk Hogan Is An Insult To Black Wrestling Fans

One writer pens an essay on wrestling entertainment's decision.

Bruno Sammartino, The Wrestler Behind Bruno Mars’ Stage Name, Has Died

Bruno Sammartino, the WWE Hall Of Fame wrestler, has died at the age of 82. The mayor of Pittsburgh, Pa. (where the Italian-born superstar moved to in 1950), said that

Smoke DZA & 183rd Continue Their WrestleMania Fever On ‘Ringside 5’ EP

In honor of WrestleMania 33, Smoke DZA returns for the fifth installment of his pro-wrestling themed Ringside EP series. With eight ruthless tracks featuring WWE

El Santo: Legendary Mexican Luchador Earns Brilliant Google Doodle

Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta, commonly known as “El Santo” was a legendary, silver-masked luchador wrestler for nearly five decades, and is remembered as one of the greatest…

Snoop Dogg’s WWE Hall Of Fame Acceptance Speech Is All Types Of Awesome

Snoop Dogg is the first musician in history to be inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall Of Fame, an honor he dubbed “the highlight of his life.” During his…

WWE Knocks Out Contract With Hulk Hogan After N-Word Rant Leaks

Hulk Hogan’s use of racial slurs sent him straight into the ring with WWE. The National ENQUIRER and retrieved an audio transcript from a conversation…