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wrongful conviction

WNBA Player Maya Moore Marries Wrongfully Convicted Man She Helped Get Out Of Prison

The newlyweds have known each other for more than a decade.

The History Of The Scottsboro Boys

The group of nine teenagers were wrongfully convicted of rape in 1930s.

Chicago Man Freed From Prison 29 Years After Being Tortured Into False Confession

Demond Weston was wrongfully convicted of murder as a teen.

Philadelphia Man Cleared Of Murder Charges After Spending 21 Years In Prison

John Miller was wrongfully convicted without evidence.

Man Exonerated After Serving 45 Years Forced To Sell Prison Artwork For Money

A Detroit man who served 45 years behind bars for a crime that he didn’t commit, is forced to sell his personal collection of artwork that he made in prison. Richard…

Florida Pardons Four Black Men Wrongfully Convicted Of Rape In 1949

The state of Florida is attempting to make amends. Gov. Ron DeSantis posthumously pardoned Samuel Shepherd, Walter Irvin, Earnest Thomas and Charles Greenlee Friday…

Record Executive Jason Flom Shines A Light On The Falsely Incarcerated, One Podcast At A Time

For Jason Flom, the process of proving an incarcerated person’s innocence is an around the clock task. Before the beginning of this interview, the Lava Records CEO took…

Two Wrongfully Convicted Men Open Restaurant To Provide Jobs For Felons

Two men have turned their lives around after doing a lengthy stint in prison for a crime they didn’t commit. According to CBS News, Derrick Hamilton and Shabaka Shakur…