12 PM Beat Break

12 PM Beat Break: Playin’ Bas-ket-ballll!

As diehard, face-painted undergrads prep to watch their school compete in the NCAA Basketball Tourney, DJ Sweetz dishes a mix of roundball-themed rap tracks. Ball-llin!

12 PM Beat Break: Big Pun Intended

Sunday (Feb. 7) marked ten years since Big Punisher's untimely demise. So for this week's noontime beat break, DJ Sweetz drops a reminder on how…

12 PM Beat Break: Christmas Rappin’

Mix master DJ Sweetz spins up a hip-hop blend of gift-wrapped raps.


12 Beat Break: Snoop’s Wonderland

Snoop Dogg straddles the line between "malice" and "wonderland" on his new album. In this week's Beat Break, DJ Sweetz throws both worlds…


12 PM Beat Break: The-Dream Snub Love

The Grammy committee may have overlooked Christina's hubby, but here, DJ Sweetz pays tribute to The-Dream's two albums in this week's beat break.


12 P.M. Beat Break: Rated Hard

DJ Sweetz slices and dices Rihanna's new album, Rated R, to show off her new, edgier sound.


12 PM Break Beat: Hate It Or Love It

With public opinion split on 50 Cent's new album Before I Self Destruct, DJ Sweetz chops up some of the LP's best moments.


12 PM Beat Break: A Little R&B…

DJ Sweetz takes an intermission from rough-edge rap tracks to bring you a lighter blend.


12 PM Beat Break: Ladies First

With Nicki Minaj buzzing like that second shot of Patrón, VIBE's resident jockey DJ Sweets pays homage to the all-time lyrical ladies of hip-hop.