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J. Cole’s Childhood Home Vandalized In North Carolina

The house's address was the title of his critically-acclaimed 2014 album.


J.Cole’s Friend Shares Story About Cole Proving He’s An Awesome Human

This J.Cole guy brings kindness to a new level.

Live Reviews

Review: 10 Thoughts On J. Cole’s ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ Tour

Here are some takeaways from VIBE's recent trip to Cole World.


J.Cole Announces ‘Dollar And A Dream Tour III: Friday Night Lights’

You got four quarters? Cool. Now you can go see J.Cole live.

Music News

Bravo: J.Cole’s ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ Album Goes Platinum

J. Cole can now update his discography with this stellar achievement. The Fayetteville native's junior album 2014 Forest Hills Drive has hit platinum status.


Judging By His ‘G.O.M.D.’ Video, J.Cole Would’ve Been A Rebellious Slave

If J.Cole lived during the years of slavery, here's what he would've done.

Music News

J. Cole Deciphers ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive,’ Childhood And More On ‘Tavis Smiley’

That boy from Fayetteville, NC is steadily making his rounds at the media circuit. J. Cole's first stop arrived at The Tavis Smily Show, where…


J.Cole Is Taking His ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ On The Road

This has got to be hip hop's busiest couple weeks of the year. First, we were gifted with a fiery new Kendrick Lamar song. Then…


ICYMI: J.Cole’s Old Home Will House Single Moms Rent Free

J.Cole is showing more and more that he's a man of good deeds first and a rapper second.


J. Cole to Let Single Mothers Live Rent Free in Childhood Home

Who doesn't love J.Cole, and if you needed any other reason to adore this insanely-talented rapper, here's another reason. The North…


From Charity Work to Activism, 5 Reasons Why We Love J. Cole

Jermaine Cole celebrates his 30th birthday today and we're still bumping everything from the Come Up to 2014 Forest Hills Drive on his big day.


J.Cole’s ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ Sold How Much?

J.Cole is solidifying himself as one of hip-hop's new legends, and if you don't believe it or think he's boring, there were more 300,000 fans…


J.Cole On Eminem: ‘If You Think I Dissed Eminem, Than I Know You Just Read The Headline’

J.Cole is well on his way to becoming one of hip-hop's greatest. With the release of his third solo album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, The…