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2K Sports Wins Again; “NBA Live ’13” Cancelled

EA Sports' NBA Live '13 was set to give 2K Sports' NBA 2K13 series a run for its money, yet now that battle will not…


V! Recap: Jay-Z & Meek Mill “Flex” At 2K Sports’ NBA 2K13 Launch Party

Question: How do you make one of 2012's best-selling video games even better for next year? Answer: Get Jay-Z to executive produce the project.

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TRAILER: NBA 2K13 Allows For Vocal Playcalling Using The Kinect

If you're a true gamer, then you've already heard all this before: Everything is better with Kinect. And you know what? It's true!

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TRAILER: NBA 2K13 Promises “Victory” Over All Competition

This trailer could mean game, set and match if EA doesn't show something soon!

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5 NBA 2K13 Changes You Can Thank Jay-Z For!

It's been arguably the biggest sports-debate question of the past 10 years: Who is the best basketball game—NBA Live or NBA 2K? Many would say…

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NBA 2K13 To Support Kinect; Not PS Move

A few days ago, the best basketball video game in the world had its box art leak onto the Internet, and the cover featured an…

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2K Sports Details “NBA 2K13″ Improvements

With the NBA season soon approaching and many hoop fans not completely satisfied by the Olympic "Dream Team," 2K Sports has come to the rescue…


You’re Invited To Participate in A Live Interview With Kevin Durant & Blake Griffin

Tonight, 2K Sports and NBA 2K13 will be streaming a live interview with Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin from…