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Tupac’s Long-Lost Song For MC Hammer Has Surfaced

The rumored song 2Pac recorded for MC Hammer recently made its way to Soundcloud.


Tupac Biopic Producers Want $10 Million In Damages

One production company attached to the Tupac biopic has filed a lawsuit against another.


Changes: King Lil G Leaves A Troubled Past For A Bright Future

For King Lil G, who has a an eight-year-old son and a flourishing career in rap, failure is not an option.


Retired Cop Reportedly Claims He Helped Tupac Fake His Death

A retired police officer who is reportedly hospitalized in critical condition alleges that he cannot die without letting the world know."


Picture Him Rollin’: VIBE Staff’s Favorite Tupac Moments

VIBE recalls their favorite Tupac moments on his 44th birthday


Read The ‘Butterfly’ Poem That Kendrick Lamar Wanted Tupac To Hear

Kendrick Lamar talks to Tupac on his new album.


Read 3 Short Poems Tupac Wrote When He Was 17-Years-Old

Tupac's impact on hip-hop will never be forgotten. His many sides and character traits make him an enigmatic figure to this day. Pac could be…


9 Songs That Salute Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou's influence on the culture goes deeper than rap. Thus, many singers and MCs have cited the literary icon in their songs or used…


5 Crazy Things Suge Knight Has Said Recently

Suge Knight has been on a roll lately. After being out of the spotlight due to legal and financial troubles, the Left Coast mogul is…


Watch: Tupac’s Back In New Dutch Beer Ad

Tupac's back... sorta. In a new commercial for their new flavored beer, a Dutch company named Bavaria, resurrected the likes of Tupac,…


Did 2Pac Audition To Be A Jedi In ‘Star Wars’?

Late rapper Tupac Shakur could have been a force to be reckoned with in the Star Wars film franchise. According to Rolling Stone, the part-time…


The Best Vintage Rapper T-Shirts Worn By New School Rappers In 2013

90's nostalgia continued to run rampant through the hip-hop industry in 2013 and everything from lyrics to clothing reflected it. Besides the high-end fashion shift…


E-40 Talks About Collaborating With Tupac

Arguably the Bay Area's biggest rapper and hyphy's largest catalyst, E-40 recently stopped by Sirus XM's Hip Hop Nation to discuss another West…


A Tupac Interview From 1994 Set To Animation

Before Kanye West was spouting off about corporations in interviews, Tupac Shakur was addressing the government in the 90's. Almost all of Pac's interviews were…
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