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50 Cent Apologizes For His “Child Support Celebration” Social Media Post

"Excuse me if I seem a little insensitive at times."


50 Cent Celebrates No Longer Having To Pay Child Support For His Oldest Son

In his response, Marquise demonstrated he too has the petty gene.

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Irv Gotti Had To Get A Few Things Off His Chest About The “Whore” 50 Cent

"You created a bad idea, and with horrible execution, you f**king whore. Now go back to Courtney Kemp and be her promotional lil b**ch."

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50 Cent Stops By ‘The Breakfast Club’ To Offer Advice To Usher And Kevin Hart

"If I were Usher, I'd be poppin' up everywhere."


Mother Of 50 Cent’s Oldest Son Calls Rapper Weak For Publicly Disowning Him

The rapper is catching heat for a subtle diss against his son, Marquise Jackson on social media.

Movies & TV

50 Cent Confirms Season 5 Of ‘Power,’ Inks New Deal With Starz

Mr. Jackson is one sly but clever businessman.


50 Cent Says Starz Thinks He Leaked The Remaining Episodes Of ‘Power’

50 Cent took to Instagram this weekend claiming that Starz thinks he leaked his own show. Facts or just another PR stunt?

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50 Cent Exchanges ‘Friendly’ War Of Words With Gabrielle Union Over Primetime Dominance

The 'Being Mary Jane' actress isn't a fan of 50 tearing down other successful shows featuring casts of color.

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50 Cent Threatens To Exit ‘Power’ Due To Alleged Unfair Treatment By Starz

"If the biggest show on your network doesn't mean anything, what does your network mean?"

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Is 50 Cent Venting About His Strained Relationship With His Eldest Son?

The 'Power' actor took to Instagram to post a cryptic message with his former TV son about giving his all, only to be taken for…


50 Cent Ends Business Partnership With Effen Vodka

Don't expect to see any shameless plugs of the spirit drinks from Mr. Jackson.
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