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Touchdown: A Women’s Guide To The NFL Playoffs

You’re dating a guy who eats, breathes and lives sports. Just a fun fact: there’s pretty much no better time in his life than right…


The 30 Sexiest Male Athletes of 2013

We're not  into sports, but we love athletic men. We may not know their stats, but we are hip to their red carpet looks…


Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeds Daughter While Getting Beauty Treatment [Photos]

Leave it up to supermodel mommies to make parenting look fabulous. Gisele Bundchen, who looks as though she was never pregnant, continues to…


Men Who Give Adam Levine a Run For ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Title

There is no doubt regarding Adam Levine's sex appeal. He's tatted, tall and fit with a voice that could melt any women in her tracks…


10 Super Bowl MVPs We Can’t Forget

Sure, there are plenty of awards that can define an athlete's legacy, but none is as acclaimed as the coveted Super Bowl MVP. In front…


Tom Brady’s $20M Mansion Has A Moat

There's good reason why New England Patriot Tom Brady spent three years and $20 million on his new pad.


Beyonce and Jay-Z Named World’s Highest Paid Celebrity Couple

Beyonce and Jay-Z have topped Forbes' list of highest paid celebrity couples!

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Chad Ochocinco Has Money To Blow, Buys Entire Team Beats by Dre

The Superbowl is this weekend and the competing teams, New England Patriots and the New York Giants, had a weekend to rest up and get…

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Watch This: The Real Housewives Of Civil Rights Featuring Wayne Brady

Imagine if reality TV existed back in the Civil Rights Era. This is what it would be. Get ready to laugh. Watch and enjoy.
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