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Here’s What The ‘Different World’ Cast Has Been Up To

The cast of A Different World had a reunion on Oprah’s Where Are They Now? series. Oprah did a sit-down with the cast that included…


TV Shows We Wish Weren’t Cancelled

TV just isn’t the same anymore. We used to be able to tune in to watch sitcoms that were actually funny and occasionally tackled…


Oprah Reunites The Cast of ‘A Different World’

Our '90s nostalgia takes over as we take a trip down Hillman memory lane with the cast of A Different World. Remember the love…


The Most Stylish TV Characters of All Time

Most women are heavily influenced by style. Who wore what, how she wore it, and who wore it better are all questions a…

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‘A Different World’ Star Lou Myer Dead at 77

Best known as the restaurant owner Mr. Gaines on A Different World, we pour out a bit of blue milk for actor/singer Lou Myers.


HBCU’s Hollywood Influence

"A Different World" Leave it Bill Cosby to provide "mainstream America" with one of it’s first glimpses of the HBCU college experience. Originally…

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Brooklyn Artist Derrick Adams Creates Hillman Inspired Art Exhibit

A pop up featuring a collection of wearable pieces by multidisciplinary visual artist Derrick Adams set in a responsive display environment by industrial designer Michael…


Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of ‘A Different World’: Where Are They Now?

From Eric Roberson Music–In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the popular series we’re taking a look back at the gang ‘from’ Hillman…

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Director Debbie Allen Wants “A Different World” Back On Air

Can the popular comedy sitcom find an audience in the 21st century?


Jasmine Guy Goes Broke

Former A Different World star, Jasmine Guy, has filed for bankruptcy.