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R. Kelly Opens Up About Sex Cult, Illiteracy And More On 19-Minute Track

"What’s the definition of a sex slave?"


Aaliyah’s Brother, Rashad Haughton, Speaks On Her Upcoming M.A.C. Line

Aaliyah's trajectory in the entertainment sphere continues to shine forth today, namely through her upcoming M.A.C. Cosmetics line.


Two More Women Come Forth About R. Kelly’s Reported Sexual Abuse

Almost 10 years after the singer was acquitted, R. Kelly carried on as usual, but time might be up now. Two more women have come forth.


Aaliyah’s M.A.C Collection Gets Summer Release Date

M.A.C Cosmetics’ latest artist-inspired collaboration will take over your makeup looks next season.


The Internet Thinks Kim Kardashian’s Aaliyah Costume Was Cultural Appropriation

Did Mrs. Kardashian-West really culturally appropriate, or do people just not like Kim K?


Alexander Wang Uses Likeness Of Aaliyah, Dr. Dre & More For Pricey Hip-Hop Collection

 "These shirts are not only articles of clothing, they really are artifacts from a moment in time."


MAC Cosmetics Will Debut An Aaliyah Collection In 2018

"Aaliyah is truly one in a million—an unstoppable icon whose groundbreaking work in R&B music and film inspires us all."


Keep Holding On: 21 Songs To Help Cope With Depression, Heartbreak & Tragedy

VIBE presents 21 songs to help cope with the dark times.


H.E.R. Discovers Inspiration In Aaliyah On Impassioned New Single “Your Way”

The singer has made us jump to Soundcloud to hear the sleek track.

Music News

Just Like That, Aaliyah’s Music Has Been Removed From ITunes & Apple Music

Following the 15th anniversary of Aaliyah's passing, a few of her most notable singles were found on the streaming platform.


Patta Pays Homage To Aaliyah With New T-Shirt Collaboration

Patta collaborates with photographer Dana Lixenberg to pay homage to Aaliyah.


Dymes Only Is Bringing Sexy Back To Your Closet With Its Latest Line

Dymes Only clothing brand has launched a t-shirt line on Aaliyah and her iconic style.


Aaliyah Week: Remembering Aaliyah’s Final Musical Journey

To round out VIBE's Aaliyah Week, those involved with her last album share their stories from the studio to the video set.
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