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Wendy Williams Responds To Reports Of Husband’s Decade-Long Affair

"And if there was hype, believe me you! I would let you know.”


After 72 Hours, This Is How The VIBE Staff Feels About ‘Lemonade’

Relax Beyhive, we dig the album. No need to attack.


Beyoncé and President Obama Accused of Having an Affair

  According to French paparazzi photographer Pascal Rostrain, Beyoncé and President Obama are having a love affair. Yes, we were just as…


UPDATE: CIA Director Quits After Affair

CIA Director David Petraeus tendered his resignation today after admitting to cheating on his wife of 37 years. Petraeus, who became CIA director in September…


Usher Grilled In Court About Sleeping With Tameka’s Bridesmaid

With the cameras rolling Usher's child custody trial is being followed as closely as the last season of Desperate Housewives. After the singer's teary testimony…


Side Piece Politics: The Rules Of Being ‘The Other Man/Woman’

We don't condone cheating, but guess what-- it happens! However, there are some rules that a jumpoff must follow. Know your role and play it…


Update: Mashonda Responds to Swizz on Twitter

After Swizz Beatz took to Twitter last night to address the hoopla surrounding his romance with Alicia Keys, Mashonda, the mother of his son, logged…

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Tiger Woods Paying For His Dalliances

Tiger Woods will reportedly do anything to keep his wife offer her $5 million to stay.


Tiger Woods Apologizes Following Leaked Voicemail Message

Tiger Woods has stepped forward with another apology, following the recent leaked voicemail messages from his alleged second mistress.