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Puppy Owner Says Dog Barked For Help After United Airlines Flight Attendant Stows It In Overhead Bin

“And she said, ‘It doesn't matter, it still goes up there.’”


Juelz Santana Reportedly Surrenders To Authorities

Juelz Santana, 36, reportedly turned himself in to the Newark, New Jersey authorities after an incident that occurred over the weekend. According to the New…


Delta Passengers Sit At Gate For 12 Hours, Only For Flight To Be Cancelled

A weather delay left the passengers stranded on the Tarmac.


It’s 2017 And White People Still Can’t Believe Black People Fly First Class

Ignorance can be found anywhere, including the line for priority seating at an airport.


Wiz Khalifa Shares Video Of His Arrest At Los Angeles Airport

After arriving at LAX Saturday afternoon (Aug. 22), Wiz Khalifa was detained by six police officers for refusing to stop riding his hoverboard within the…


Italian Police Seize Enormous Sum Of Snoop Dogg’s Money During Airport Search

Snoop Dogg's pockets took a major hit recently. READ: Snoop Dogg Arrested In Sweden For Drug Suspicion, Takes To Instagram To Shun The…


Not Fly: 12 Celebrities Who’ve Been Arrested For Doing Dumb Things At Airports

Last week, Too $hort made "a big f-cking mistake" (his words, not ours!) when he accidentally tried to take a bag that had a loaded…


Fly Or Fail: Kim Kardashian Rocks Chanel AW ’14 Runway Look

For mother of one Kim Kardashian, traveling in style is a must. After almost leaving Paris without her bundle of joy North West in Paris,…


Benefit Cosmetics Launches “Glam Up & Away” Kiosks in Airports

It has happened to the best of us: Your at the airport preparing for a long trip and you forgot to pack your favorite eyeshadow…


10 Rappers Who Have Been Arrested At The Airport

Rappers love to get high. No, not that kind of high. What we mean is that rappers love to get high in the sky on…


Insane Woman Goes Nude At Denver Airport After Getting Caught Smoking

Ever expect to see a naked person in the middle of the airport?On Tuesday, a woman stripped naked at Denver International Airport after being caught…


V Exclusive! Travis Porter Talks About Strap’s Arrest: ‘Guns Are Not The Answer’

Twenty-four hours after Travis Porter member Strap was arrested for carrying a gun at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, the rest of the group stopped…