LaKeith Smith Receives 65-Year Sentence For The Death Of A Teen Killed By A Cop

Under Alabama's accomplice liability law, LaKeith Smith received 65 years for the death of his friend accused of breaking into homes, but was killed by…


An Alabama Sheriff Took $750K Meant To Feed Inmates And Bought A Beach House

And according to reports, it was perfectly legal.


One Sixth Grader Has Prepared A Will In The Event Of A School Shooting

The impact of gun violence is taking a dark turn.


White Teacher Calls Tupac’s “Dear Mama” “N-Word Tunes” To Students

Teddie Butcher has been placed on administrative leave following the incident.


University Of Alabama Student Expelled For N-Word Use On Instagram

Only now does Harley Barber feel "so, so bad" for her actions.


Attorneys For Ulysses Wilkerson, Alabama Teen Physically Assaulted By Police, Seeks Justice

The teen's Christmas Eve was spent handcuffed to a gurney inside the University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital for wounds that left his face deformed.


Black Women Played A Major Role In Roy Moore’s Defeat During Alabama Senate Race

According to reports, nearly two-thirds of white women voted for the accused child molester.


Woman Lies About Cancer Diagnosis, Charged With Theft After Creating GoFundMe For Bills

A joint investigation between the Alabama Attorney General's Office and the FBI has come to a close.


Victoria’s Secret Issues Apology To Customer Racially Profiled At Alabama Store

Kimberly Houzah and another black woman were kicked out of the store Wednesday (Dec. 7) after the manager allegedly caught another black woman stealing…


A #MannequinChallenge Depicting A Shootout Ended In Cuffs For Two Participants

A group of "Mannequin Challenge" participants not only gained attention from over 86,000 viewers on Facebook, but authorities also viewed their viral offering, landing two people…


This 24-Year-Old Mayor Is Making History In Alabama

Brandon Dean becomes the youngest candidate to win mayoral race in his hometown.