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Allen Hughes To Direct Fox’s ‘Gang Related’ TV Series

With Broken City now in the rear-view, director Allen Hughes just signed on to direct a new drama pilot for Fox TV. We have the…


Allen Hughes Talks 20-Year Anniversary of “Menace II Society”

Believe it or not, the classic hood drama "Menace II Society" turns 20 years old this summer.

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The Hughes Brothers Past Comments on ‘Book of Eli’

In VIBE's December '09/January '10 issue, hit filmmaker brothers Allen and Albert Hughes discussed their hit action film The Book of Eli. With the recent…

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The Hughes Brothers Talk “Book of Eli” Pg 2

ALLEN AND ALBERT HUGHES, 37, always connected over movies. Growing up in Detroit and, later, Los Angeles, the half-Armenian, half-African-American twins were both…